Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Canada Day - Game of S.K.A.T.E.

Revolution Skateshop and The Rad Zone present the Canada Day Game of S.K.A.T.E.

Starts at 2pm with FREE burgers and dogs provided by M&M Meatshops on site at the John Rhodes Community Centre Skatepark. Expect plenty of prizes for those who come out, and for the competitors in the Game of S.K.A.T.E.

Thanks to Revolution Skateshop, The Rad Zone , Ultimate Skateboard Distrobution, Mix-stop, Tim Hortons, and M&M Meatshops.

The repairs are done

Flat-bank ramp was lit on fire - bummer
The Aftermath
Originally uploaded by aarmstrong.

I recieved word from the city today that the flat-bank fire damage repairs have been completed. The DC Nationals - Local Qualifier has yet to be rescheduled, check back here soon for updates.

Canada Day Celebrations - Saturday July 1st

Keep an eye out for some SCSA Volunteers Saturday afternoon on your way to the city Canada Day celebrations. SCSA Volunteers will be on hand selling glow sticks for some added fun for all those out to watch the fireworks. All profits from the sale of these glow sticks will go directly to the SCSA Skatepark Construction Fund.

Follow the poster link to see the City of Sault Ste Marie's Canada Day Celebration Poster and Schedule.

If you are available to be an SCSA Volunteer for Canada Day send us an email or call 542-4158 ASAP.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fire Damage

Roy - switch kickflip with Pete and a frontboard in the background
Roy, switch kickflip
Originally uploaded by aarmstrong.

From what I hear the ramp that Roy is Switch Kickfliping on, in AJ's photo, has fallen victim to some amateur arsonists. Thankfully only a small portion of the riding surface has been affected, although the whole ramp including the quarterpipe has been temporarly blocked off.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

DC Nationals - local contest - June 25

This Sunday June 25th there will be another opportunity for our local skateboarders to move on into the provincial and national skateboarding contest scene. This year the top three skateboarders in this judged skateboarding contest will be invited to compete at the provincial level in Mississauga (Iceland park,) and then have the opportunity to move on to the nationals in Calgary (Slam City Jam).

Last year Matt Lajoie and Kyle Eaton competed at our local contest, and moved on to the provincial and to the national level.

Registration will begin at Noon with the contest beginning at 1:00 pm. All participants under 18 years of age are required to have a waiver filled out by their parent or legal guardian. You can download these waivers directly from, or click here --> Waiver Form PDF. Please bring the waiver with you to the John Rhodes Centre Skatepark, or bring your parent and fill one out on-site.

Where: John Rhodes Centre Skatepark - Near Elizabeth St. and Trunk Rd.
When: Registration begins at Noon - Contest runs at 1:00 pm

Thanks to Brent Millard at Evolushun and to DC shoes for making this contest happen.

Everyone is welcome to come including spectators in addition to those competing.

Anthony Feeble at the Sault Skatepark

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Emerica Wild in the Streets - Sault Ste Marie

Emerica's Wild in the Streets is an event that will be happening simultaneously around the world to celebrate International GO SKATEBOARDING DAY June 21st. Each event organizer is free to design any type of event they please and advertise it for free on the website. This year like last, Dax at the Revolution Skateshop of 25 Trunk Road has developed a local event, and we're all invited.

Quoted from
"Emerica’s Wild in the Streets is the event that gathers skateboarders of every age, color, and creed to converge on city streets around the globe in celebration of pure skateboarding.

The goal of Emerica’s Wild in the Streets is to build community and raise awareness of skateboarding and the needs of skateboarders. It is our hope that Wild in the Streets will someday take on the character of a large-scale, decentralized grassroots movement for the benefit of skateboarders everywhere. We hope that this simple template will accelerate the spread of Wild In The Streets events to other cities, and will provide interested parties with the information and materials they need not only to set up their own Wild in the Streets event locally on June 21 every year, but
for any time and any place thereafter. Be a part of something amazing, or better, create your own amazing event."
Wednesday, June 21st, the skateboarders of the Sault and area are invited to join the International Go Skateboarding Day celebrations with Dax at The Revolution Skateshop.

For more info visit Wild in the streets - Sault Ste Marie or contact Dax directly at Revolution Skateshop (705) 256-6736

Wawa Skateboard Clinics - July 10 and 11th

Skate Clinic Sault Ste Marie 2005
Skate Clinic Sault Ste Marie 2005
Originally uploaded by superiorskate.

Date: July 10th & 11th (Monday and Tuesday)
11am – 1pm
11& over Skate
(this program is for the older skaters to learn tricks and other skateboarding skills)
Limit: 10 participants
Cost: $ 10.00 (add 7% GST for ages 14+)

1:30pm – 3:30pm
Girls Skate (ages 6 and over)
(this program is for the girl skaters out there to learn to skateboard)
Limit: 10 participants
Cost: $10.00

3:30 - 5:30pm
10 & under Skate
(this program is to introduce the little ones to skateboarding)
Limit: 10 participants
Cost: $10.00

Contact Shawna Yarde at
or call (705) 856-2244 ext# 247

International Go Skateboarding Day - June 21

What a great concept! June 21st the first official day of summer has also become the International GO SKATEBOARDING DAY. It just the perfect excuss to make plans to go out and skateboard. Plain and Simple, GO SKATE!!!

Visit for more info.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

A good day at the Game of SKATE

It was a picture perfect sunny day for our Game of SKATE contest. The Game of SKATE was setup today June 3rd as a part of Sault Ste Marie's On The Move day which is part of the ACTIVE 2010 initiative.

There were plenty of good tricks thrown down today. Some tricks were tech some were more snowboard-esque like Logan's Indy Grab off the handi-cap triangle ramp to win his round SKATE. Logan Gibbs is shown here holding his prize of a cool new SCSA "get on board" t-shirt. To the left we have the last skater to be eliminated, Bradley Charlebois.

We ran two separate Games of SKATE. One Game included all ramps, rails and flatground where the second game was the more classic style of flatground tricks only.

For the flatground game Tom Rouse took the title of 1st and a new T-shirt. Followed close behind were Matt D'ettorre and Kaleb Demour. This game was a thriller with all the riders trying hard to win. Kaleb came out of the gates at the beginning with round after round of tricks that nobody else could land. Most thought he had the game in the bag, but the tables changed once Kaleb lost his spot with a bobbled nollie shuv-it.

Overall it was a great day with a few great games, and plenty of great kids just having some fun on their skateboards. Visit to see a few more photos and a mention in the ON THE MOVE - Active 2010 news article.

Frosty steps it up with a walk to Toronto

this one
One man's passion is going a long way to help the SCSA and specifically all the residents of Sault Ste Marie. August 1st Jonathan Norris, also known as Frosty, will begin a long walk to raise awareness, support, and ultimately money for the 300 SQUARED Skatepark Construction Fund. His plan is to leave August 1st and walk to the CN Towner in Toronto while communicating with Sault Ste Marie Media along the way. Keep an eye out for Frosty and his progress at all the local media outlets.