Thursday, June 15, 2006

Emerica Wild in the Streets - Sault Ste Marie

Emerica's Wild in the Streets is an event that will be happening simultaneously around the world to celebrate International GO SKATEBOARDING DAY June 21st. Each event organizer is free to design any type of event they please and advertise it for free on the website. This year like last, Dax at the Revolution Skateshop of 25 Trunk Road has developed a local event, and we're all invited.

Quoted from
"Emerica’s Wild in the Streets is the event that gathers skateboarders of every age, color, and creed to converge on city streets around the globe in celebration of pure skateboarding.

The goal of Emerica’s Wild in the Streets is to build community and raise awareness of skateboarding and the needs of skateboarders. It is our hope that Wild in the Streets will someday take on the character of a large-scale, decentralized grassroots movement for the benefit of skateboarders everywhere. We hope that this simple template will accelerate the spread of Wild In The Streets events to other cities, and will provide interested parties with the information and materials they need not only to set up their own Wild in the Streets event locally on June 21 every year, but
for any time and any place thereafter. Be a part of something amazing, or better, create your own amazing event."
Wednesday, June 21st, the skateboarders of the Sault and area are invited to join the International Go Skateboarding Day celebrations with Dax at The Revolution Skateshop.

For more info visit Wild in the streets - Sault Ste Marie or contact Dax directly at Revolution Skateshop (705) 256-6736


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh niiiiiice!! so what time is this thing?? and i'll be there. Dax is a cool guy and every one that skates should go! maybe there will be something going on at the skate park??

10:15 PM  
Blogger Searchmont and Area Freestyle Alliance said...

6 pm start...

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its suppose to rain tommorow :( no skaten on go skate day

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo this sucks i mist it and ended up going after 6:30 my parents were busy so

10:34 PM  

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