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Just thought you guys might be interested in what I found on the other day. A letter from Tom Sinclair - Tom Sinclair wants to know why SSM hates skateboraders.

Needless to say I was suprised this was in the Students Domain Section of sootoday's website. Feel free to leave some comments here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really agree with what that guy is saying, I dotn even live in the sault, teh first time I street skated in the sault I got kicked out of places. I do think it was nice of the Council or w/e to get that temp park up though. It could be upgraded every little whil e though or repaired. I am from Blind River, the way we got our skatepark was when we rounded up as many skaters as we could fiind and we all barged into towen hall and talked to the mayor. I dont know if any kids have tried that in the sualt, but I would be worth a shot. Instead of being so nice and tolerant with the council, try and demand something, that pretty much how politics goes doesnt it? They diont sit there and be nice to eachother waiting around ahha.

just to note, Blind River may now have a skatepark, but it is falling apart, the council wont think about upgrading it, the garbage cans are very full and aroudn town, skatebaorderscan get fined for skatebvoarding on sidewalks, and many stores now have NO SKATEBOARDING singage, and we actually egt kicked out of places now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The temp park was never designed to be around this long.

On multiple occasions we have organized hundreds of skateboarders, including the time we filled the City Council meeting room to the brim and they voted in the building of a permanent concrete park.

We entered into an agreement with the city that the SCSA would organize and help raise $100,000 on behalf of the Community.

The total cost of the park is just under $300,000 and we split that total cost up into thirds. 1/3 the city pays for, 1/3 the community pays, and the last 1/3 grants would pay for. The city and the scsa would apply for provincial and fedral grants. FedNOR, NOHFC, and the Trillium Foundation provide grants.

I agree we need more people, the community and the city to really get off their butts and start pushing the issue.

Maybe it's time again to have another massive public meeting and see how many people we can get out.

Feel Free to post your name or nickname next time ... because there are alot of "anonymous" comments. Just click the "Other" radio button and a place to enter your name pops up.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, the funding model prepared by the Economic Development Corporation called for the SCSA to raise $10,000, NOT $100,000.
The FedNor and NOHFC grants were for $95ish-something thousand each:



As far as I know the City never submitted the FedNor and NOHFC grant applications. Don't let them get away with trying to download more onto the SCSA than the original expectations.

That said, I think the best course of action would be to actively pursue material donations (concrete, rebar, backfill, coping[ie. pipe or TUBE, hmmm...]). As much as I criticize big box retail, I wouldn't have a problem skating the "Home Depot Skatepark of Sault Ste. Marie." Nice big Home Depot sign facing the Trunk Rd./Hwy. 17 corridor coming in from the east - those RVers (no not ravers, RV driving old people)love the Home Depot, and Home Depot loves them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well the clergue boardwalk extension just got $800,000 from the NOHFC last week. (source - front page Soo This Week)

I guess we're up next on the priority list.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

**I was the guy that left the first comment from BR. This seems to be the only place anyone ever seems to klnow stuff bout the SSM skate scene, would any of you know when the DC Nationals have been set to happen, since they got cancelled, the day I went there. And
How was the Revolution and Rad Zone game of skate??

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

guy is right, same wtih snowboarding as well, they just dotn give a dam about this crappy city. i hate skating street, BMO handrail has no been nubbed so cant do that anymore, our park is terrible with no flow, we try to put on events but only the certain crowd of skaters go, ppl who dont skateboard or care for it dont go and dont care. We gotta figure out a way to get them involved and see what our youth and skaters can do. Just like at Searchmont get the ides of march goin or something at the park to chill and while they are playin, people can see us skateboard and be like wow, these kids are really good, imagine what they can do if they had a better facility, alright, i'll donate at least something. We gotta get some good bands as well or something cuz local bands just wont cut it! I am so happy i am finally leavin this place in the fall for school to go to Ottawa and ride Tremblant and sick hills in teh area. For a week of events in Ottawa they went and got snow n made a jump set up in Semptember in teh streets and people see how stuff is done and maybe wanna try and stuff. We gotta start thinkin bigger, and trav, if u need help with anything, call me at 942-6267 or 971-9644 (my cell) and i'll check the day plan. anyways, i hope this city realizes what will be done with this city and how terrible it will end up and population drop if they stop thinkin about everyone instead of the elders and hockey players. Peace

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found on click on the Canada Day Weekend Highlights video. Dax does a great job of promoting the skatepark, awesome that he managed to get this in there. I also liked how the clips so tricks being landed, most news footage of skating usually shows people flailing or falling or doing some half-hearted, half-ass shit.

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Blogger Searchmont and Area Freestyle Alliance said...

I heard ... but i've got dial-up and streaming video just doesn't work. BRUTAL.

We've got a man on our side at He's fluent in skateboarding culture.

There was a shot of Little Anthony in the Sault Star not to long ago was brutal like the average non-skate media photograph like you mentioned. Anybody that knows anything about skateboarding could tell in the shot they ran that he was bailing out of a feeble attempt.

I definitly want to see this video clip.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sick video, so next spring its set to be then. sweet! love it! peace

11:56 PM  

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