Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fundraising - Canada Day 2007

Canada Day 2007
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Thanks to volunteers Marc Gratton, Taylor Cesco, Carrie McCormack, Aiden McCormack and Dax D'orazio for spending their Canada Day raising funds for our skatepark construction initiative. The unofficial tally for selling the Glow-in-the-dark necklaces during the fireworks display was approximately $1300 before costs we calculated in. We'd also like to thank Lori Ballstadt (Assistant Manager - Recreation and Culture Division) for the opportunity and Summer Reitveld (Summer Program Assistant - Recreation and Culture Division) for all the help.

Trillium Application Submitted

Many thanks to everyone who helped put together the Ontario Trillium Foundation grant application. Especially Deane Greenwood (Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee - Skatepark Sub-committee member) for getting the ball rolling in the right direction and bringing his previous application experience with him. I'd also like to point out from whom we have received letters of support for this skatepark construction initiative.

1. The Teen Centre
2. The SSM Police Chief
Sault Sports Council
The city's parks and recreation department
5. Sault Youth Council
6. Algoma University's Students Union
7. Brain Injury Association of Algoma and Sault Ste Marie

All these letters of support have been attached to the application. It's likely we'll receive a decision from the Foundation in October or November, and we'll definitely keep you posted here!

Fire Damage - again !

Fun-box fire 2007 - 01
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The center piece of the Sault Ste Marie temporary wooden skatepark was set aflame again! Good news though, the city crews were able to make the repairs within one day which only left the ramps barricaded off for a short time.

Many thanks to the city carpenters for the speedy repairs .... now GO SKATE !!!

Go Skateboarding Day - SSM festivities

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It's International Go Skateboarding Day on June 21st the first official day of summer. Come on out and skate with us. Free barbeque burgers and dogs downtown this Thursday June 21st at 5:00 pm.

Many thanks to volunteer Dax D'orazio for setting this whole event up and The Rad Zone for providing the prizes!

Skatepark Article on the Cover of FRESH Magazine

Many thanks to Tara Lappage for volunteering and to working hard on this article that ended up as the cover story for the May / June issue of FRESH Magazine!

"I am not sure if there is still a stigma against skateboarding, but the benefits to constructing a skateboard park are huge. It is a park, no different than a provincial park where people travel to camp, canoe, or hike. People who are interested in active recreation, like skateboarding, will travel to other communities that offer what they want. A skateboard park is a tourist attraction, which means business for hotels, restaurants, stores, and other attractions. A park will only have a positive impact on the community where it will give youth something to do and somewhere to go, which will hopefully eliminate the impression among young people that the Sault sucks." - Tara Lappage (Chair of the Sault Youth Council)

Visit FRESH magazine online or pick up a copy in print today. To see the online copy of the whole issue follow this link to a pdf version - The May / June Issue.