Sunday, October 26, 2008

Buskerfest 2008 - skate queen street with the buskers

For three years now the SCSA has been invited to join Buskers on Queen Street for the Sault Youth International Association's Buskerfest, and it's always been a blast. This year was no different.

Mike Bell with a big frontside flip off the back of Travis' Truck

Hope to see you all again next year!

Rock to Roll - Sault Area Music Committee skatepark fundraiser

Rock to Roll - Don't miss it!

The Sault Area Music Committee has come together to throw a 14 band concert @ the Knights Inn , July 27th, 2008 to Rasie money for the Develpoment of the Sault Ste Marie Skate Park.

Doors open @ 12:30pm 10 bux to see all the bands Lots of great door prizes Wild prizes to be drawn.

Bands and Set Times
As It Stands 1:00-1:30
Time of Ruin 1:45-2:15
Johnny Lunchbox 2:30-3:00
Nebraska Arms 3:15-3:45
Brow Beat 4:00-4:30
Dirty Virgin 4:45-5:15
Sense of Truth 5:30-6:00
StillBroke 6:15-6:45
Scary Uncles 7:00-7:30
Northern Elite 7:45-8:15
Fighting For Tiffany 8:30-9:00
Ministry of Zen 9:15-10:30
Waxmen 10:45-12:00
The Populars 12:15-1:30

Hart UFC Boxing
Zellers Crank Sound
Galaxy Cinemas Energy Rock Radio
Show stoppers Knights Inn
Blacks Photo
Hollywood Beauty Shops
Sports Center Bar and Grill
Jesse's Music
Arcadia Cafe
Nucomm Marketing
Jen's Detailing
West 49
Rad Zone

Door Prizes; Movie passes, tans, meals, Skateboard equipment and accessories, memberships, and much much more.

Raffle Prizes: Guitar value $500 donated by Jesse’s music, 2 14” flat screen tv’s donated by Hart, and a mystery prize from Zellers

Rotary Fest Parade

Thanks to all the skaters that came out and joined us in the Rotary Fest Parade! It was a hot and long skate but well worth seeing everyone and hearing their encouraging words.

In Kind Donations Received !!!

The Superior Community Skatepark Association is proud to announce that the skatepark construction initiative has received some significant in kind material donations from some community leaders.

Thanks go out to:
  1. Lafarge
  2. Fisher Wavy
  3. Avery Construction

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Go Skating Weekend Success

Thanks to everyone that came out to support all the events! The highlight of the weekend was definitely the large crowd that came out to skate all the ramps that were gathered in the parking lot at the John Rhodes Community Centre. Here's the some coverage from

Nice pop shuv-it to fakie Skater Mattie! (10 photos, video)

By Donna Hopper
Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fourteen-year-old Dave Williams has only been skating for two years, but thinks he has the skills to warrant a sponsorship from West 49.

He may be right.

At the age of 12, with only three short weeks of riding under his belt, Williams took first place in the "most advanced" category during a skateboard competition hosted in the Toronto area.

To celebrate International Go Skateboarding Day, Williams and about 18 other aspiring riders came out and showed off at the Superior Community Skatepark Association's (SCSA) skateboard competition held this afternoon in the parking lot of the John Rhodes Community Centre.

Events included demonstrations and competitions for all age categories, with prizes provided by West 49 and The Rad Zone.

A definite highlight was the "best tricks on the spine" contest.

Kaleb Demour placed third for his frontside flip, earning him a DVD prize package.

Placing second and taking home a new set of wheels for his pop shuv-it to fakie, 50-50 off the side, and fast-plant transfer was Mathew Ladouceur, AKA Skater Mattie.

For successfully landing a kick-flip fakie rock 'n roll, a heel-flip fakie rock 'n roll, a frontside ollie to tail, and a frontside 180 pivot transfer, Taylor Cesco rode home with a new Bueno Stacey Lowery deck and first place.

For the complete story and reference to the photos and video taken visit: Nice pop shuv-it to fakie Skater Mattie! (10 photos, video)