Monday, July 31, 2006

Added a Forum + Flickr Zeitgeist

Peter Jokic - Backside 5.0
Originally uploaded by crazyhick.

Just wanted to let everyone know I've added a link to a free forum, the SCSA Forum, for any extended dialogue or any talk about stuff that isn't posted about in the blog here.

Also, if you've been looking for more Sault skateboarding photos I've added a Flicker Zeitgeist to the sidebar. It's pretty trick. It rotates photos from the contacts of the superiorskate flickr account and each small photo is clickable. Keep an eye out for AJ Armstrong's shots because they've been getting better and better, and he can shoot 8.5 frames per second!!! It's all about the sequence shots.

Thanks for clicking those google ads also. By supporting those advertisers we've raised over $50 for the SCSA Skatepark Construction Fund.


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