Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Skatepark Article on the Cover of FRESH Magazine

Many thanks to Tara Lappage for volunteering and to working hard on this article that ended up as the cover story for the May / June issue of FRESH Magazine!

"I am not sure if there is still a stigma against skateboarding, but the benefits to constructing a skateboard park are huge. It is a park, no different than a provincial park where people travel to camp, canoe, or hike. People who are interested in active recreation, like skateboarding, will travel to other communities that offer what they want. A skateboard park is a tourist attraction, which means business for hotels, restaurants, stores, and other attractions. A park will only have a positive impact on the community where it will give youth something to do and somewhere to go, which will hopefully eliminate the impression among young people that the Sault sucks." - Tara Lappage (Chair of the Sault Youth Council)

Visit FRESH magazine online or pick up a copy in print today. To see the online copy of the whole issue follow this link to a pdf version - The May / June Issue.


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